Monday, December 24, 2007

it's christmas eve in washington

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE: Mysterious package on bridge shuts down Red Line; Take our "which east county neighborhood are you?" quiz.

It's hard to explain why "Christmas Eve in Washington" by Maura Sullivan is my favorite Christmas song. The lyrics are corny at best, and to say Sullivan's delivery is overdone would be a understatement. But I adore locally grown music - even at its very worst - and I wait until Christmas Eve each year to play this song again.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Just Up The Pike!

It's snowing tonight in the Blue Ridge
There's a hush on the Ches'peake Bay
The chimneys are smoking in Georgetown
And tomorrow is Christmas Day

The Tidal Basin lies quiet
The tourists have found their way home
Mr. Jefferson's standing the mid-watch
And there's a star on the Capitol Dome

It's Christmas Eve in Washington
America's hometown
For it's here that freedom lives
And peace can stand her ground

It's Christmas Eve in Washington
Our joyous wish to you
Is for peace, love and laughter
to last the whole year through

Snowmen peeking through the windows
It's warm with love inside
'Round the tree the children gather
Awaiting Santa's midnight ride

Mom and Dad are counting their blessings
Reflecting on all they've done
So thankful for another
Christmas Eve in Washington


Sligo said...

It's no "Christmas in Hollis".

WashingtonGardener said...

WASH played that a lot in their Xmas mix these past few weeks - a few of the awkward line deliveries annoy me, but it is 10x better than those darn Chipmunks!

But what is even more annoying was that I live 1 block from that suspected bomb and was home during the incident - saw lots of flashing lights (sirens) - but no one thinks to inform the local neighborhood?

anonymous said...

The website for the song "Christmas Eve in Washington" is now up and running. The web address is All orders for CD's can be placed there. It is also available as an MP3 download on all the major download sites.