Monday, December 3, 2007

east county in review: the jocks and the indie kids (updated)

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE? Check out yesterday's essay about the controversial death of a former classmate three years ago; Purple Line ridership estimates revealed at series of Open Houses beginning tonight.

Much to my chagrin, it's 4:30 in the morning as I write this. (Such dedication.) Anyway, here's what's happening in East County today:

IF YOU ENJOY RUNNING BUT, LIKE ME, DON'T EVER REALLY FEEL LIKE IT, you'll want to support Downtown resident Stefan Gunther, who will be running the Boston Marathon next April. In order to qualify for the marathon, Gunther and his wife, Lisa Goldberg, are throwing a charity art auction and raffle at 7:30pm this Saturday at Mayorga Coffee Roasters on Georgia Avenue to raise money for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

The auction will feature works by a bevy of D.C.-area artists - and the raffle includes gift certificates to a number of local establishments, including the new Olazzo restaurant and Strosnider's Hardware. You can find out more at Stefan's fundraiser website.

FORM E-MAILS FROM "INDIE" FANS have been filling the in-boxes of elected officials, the Gazette and Post, and your favorite Silver Spring bloggers over the past few days. with form e-mails from residents who support 9:30 Club owner Seth . IFI - or the Institute for Independent Music, incidentally located in Silver Spring - issued a statement last week in support of Seth Hurwitz' challenge to Live Nation for the chance to open a music hall on Colesville Road and is asking like-minded people to spread the word.

"[I.M.P. Productions, headed by Hurwitz] have continually shown consistent and encouraging support to both local and national Indie Music Artists and have done so keeping an integrity that has created only positive experiences for those Artists," reads the statement. " . . . It is the belief of IFI Music that the interests of Montgomery County, the State of Maryland AND all local and national Indie and Mainstream music Artists are best served in the hands of locally owned and operated I.M.P. Productions."

As much as I'm amused by use of the term "indie" (which for me conjures up images of sleazy hipsters - and my beloved emo kids who used to populate Ellsworth Drive on Friday nights) I'm confused by a) who the hell IFI is, and why I've never heard of them before; b) why they are an authority on a matter which it's been established has little to do with music and more with money and c) if Ike Leggett, an admitted fan of the decidedly mainstream Michael Bolton, will listen to the indie kids in making any sort of decision.

I mean, traditionally, the indie kids - upon making their grand statement of rebellion against the mainstream - are just ignored and relegated to their seats at the back of the bus. We'll see if that happens again.


Anonymous said...

Justy -- you give Indie a bad rap! Think of bands Wilco. alt country musicians who don't get airplay. Amy Winehouse isn't indie, dude!

Good luck on exams.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing our petition drive and email campaign to your readers awareness. It is to our belief that we can make a difference in this issue. It is important, at least, that we try. Indie Music Artists and independently owned and operated promotion and production companies deserve these efforts. I encourage all to get behind it.
Thank you.
Ken Wingate
President and Founder
IFI Music