Monday, April 14, 2008

an apology

Forty years ago, Don and Marilyn Praisner moved to a newly developed subdivision on the furthest edges of Silver Spring called Calverton. While the community they settled in has changed dramatically since then, they remained as stewards and leaders. Many newer residents such as myself, whose family moved here in 1999, cannot fully appreciate former Councilmember Marilyn Praisner's impact on our community as we were not here to witness much of her work.

While Marilyn and I did not agree on a lot of issues, I recognize that a piece I wrote last month, entitled "is marilyn praisner the new ronald reagan?", was insensitive. In it, I suggest that County Executive Ike Leggett's attempts to commemorate her life and career were excessive. However, I appreciate what she has done, and I want to see her legacy carried on in some form.

We all mourn the passing of Marilyn, though none of us can comprehend the loss her widower carries in his heart. Tomorrow morning - just in time for the special election - the "District 4 Head-to-Head Tour" draws to a close as we interview County Council candidate Don Praisner.


Anonymous said...

You need make no apology. This naming of public buildings and places for politicians whose job it is is to serve their employers, the public, is vastly overdone---dedicating New Hampshire Ave to former State Senator Ida Ruben, dedicating I-270 to former U.S. Senator Charles Mathias, naming a Silver Spring bus terminal for former Senator Paul Sarbanes, naming a Silver Spring Court House for former legislator Leonard Ruben, trying to name the Rockville Library for former County Executive Doug Duncan. Plastering the names of Governors Ehrlich and O'Malley over every new building project. Giving U.S. Senators advance information of the awarding of public grants so the Senators can announce them as if these grants came from the largesse of the Senators rather than the public.

The fact is those who truly deserve the monuments don't need them. This whole legacy of naming rights is vastly done. Don't apologize just because some politicians have asked you to for their perceived political purposes.

Anonymous said...

Did Don Praisner refuse an interview until you gave him an apology? Vote for Nancy Navarro!

retgroclk said...

Then there is the story of a couple walking through the town center and one comments on the names of all the buildings honoring someone.

He turns to his friend and says - would you like to have a bulding named after you.

The friend thinks for a moment and says -"No."

I would rather have them look at all these buildings and wonder-- "Why are there no buildings named after me?

Kevin Gillogly said...


Why the delay with posting the Praisner interview?

Can you explain why all the others have been up for awhile. You also mentioned that you would post your interview with Don this weekend.

So now you are going to post it on Tuesday morning? Some good that will do.

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like Praisner refused the interview until you retracted your comments. Isn't that how the Bush administration controls the media?
If it's true, you shouldn't have done the interview at all.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Praisner voted for the largest tax increase in Montgomery County history, a 20% increase in the county piggyback tax. Then she voted three times from FY03-FY05 to exceed the charter property tax limit. That is one legacy we don't need when the county executive has proposed the largest property tax increase in 20 years. Anybody who says any of the above is "fiscally prudent," needs to apologize. Stop the spin.