Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what's up the pike: more b'ville shopping center shenanigans

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Anyway. From the Gazette:

- Developer Chris Jones tells the East County Citizens Advisory Board that his new Burtonsville Shopping Center will be the "greenest suburban retail" in the nation, but denies that he's snagged Giant from across the street as an anchor.

- Speaking of Burtonsville Shopping Center: the Burtonsville Post Office, which has been located in the shopping center for over ten years, was evicted because the Postal Service couldn't commit to a ten-year lease, says Jones. Councilmember Don Praisner fears they may not be able to relocate in Burtonsville but, then again, they can't exactly follow the Amish Market to Laurel, can they?

NEXT WEEK: Find out about the future of the White Oak Recreation Center and Burtonsville's village center at open forums next Wednesday and Thursday.

1 comment:

Thomas Hardman said...

The Burtonsville Post Office is being evicted from Burtonsville?

Outrageous. Are they overrun with zombies or something (to be ridiculous) to the point where Burtonsville is no longer Burtonsville?

Where exactly would you put the Burtonsville Post Office other than in Burtonsville?

If Burtonsville has a "zombi problem" requiring the relocation of not merely the Amish, but the Post Office, and the Giant grocery store as well, "Inquiring Readers" (and lifelong subscribers to The Onion) Want To Know."

District 4 has a Zombi Problem? Say WHAT now?

That's gonna wreak havoc on that whole "downtown Burtonsville Revitalization" movement, if true, which all commonsense tells us cannot be.

{Anyone failing to recognize this as parody/satire should remand themselves to the local clinic for Autists and Clueless Persons. Not that I should talk.}