Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what's up the pike: my kitchen flooded . . .

Student-created artwork outside of the Newport School in Calverton, which is set to close this summer.

My kitchen flooded, and there's an unexpected increase of schoolwork and work work, meaning our series on Burtonsville Town Square will be on hold for a little. If you're as anxious as I am to see the plans for the new shopping center breaking ground this summer - which heretofore have only been seen by few outside of the East County Citizens Advisory Board - you'll want to come back later this week.

Meantimes: check out what Planning Board chair Royce Hanson has to say about the proposed Fillmore zoning changes; economic pressures force the Newport School, a private alternative school located in a Calverton office park, to close permanently; elsewhere in Calverton, a local promoter claims County police are using racial profiling as a reason to shut down weekend go-go concerts at the Hollywood Ballroom.

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