Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i suppose we're just unrefined . . .

From the Gazette:
"East county isn't the best place to go for high-end wines, said managers at the stores at 11407 Georgia Ave. in Wheaton and 11239 New Hampshire Ave. in White Oak. Those areas tend to sell more liquor than wine, they said.

The Potomac store, at 10132 River Road, receives most of the 'really, really hot stuff,' Wurdeman said."
If we're going to have a county-funded monopoly on liquor stores, at least spread the wealth evenly! Do oenophiles not live in East County, or are they just sick of driving to Potomac for their $1,300 Chateau Margaux Margaux? Or is East County really just a place where corner boys drink 40's and cat-call passersby, where rednecks in Burtonsville tear open six-packs of Bud on the hoods of pick-up trucks, and where high schoolers far cooler than I was get trashed on Smirnoff liberated from their parents' liquor cabinet in the basement of some oversized Hampshire Greens McMansion?

Spare me, Montgomery County liquor monopoly. We are far more refined than that. So when are your wine futures gonna benefit us Up The Pike?


Thomas Hardman said...

Would I be right in guessing that someone just turned 21 and has at long last discovered why so very many MoCo citizens are disgruntled -- as if that will change a monopoly -- with the Alcoholic Beverages franchise?

I didn't make unmonopolizing booze sales and distribution into a campaign plank, and probably would have gotten more votes had I done so.

Most people I know absolutely revile the present system. Aside from the fact that they seem to be restricted by law or policy to only hiring people straight out of prison or rehab (or possibly the psycho ward), the total lack of consumer choice combines with the lack of responsiveness to consumer demand to provide lackluster options and surly (where not violent) customer service reps.

Then add to this the fact that they let their stock get way out of date and expect the customer to be satisfied. With a policy like that, no wonder they market to the perceived lowest common denominator.

Also, I think there's some sort of kickback thing going on where they really want you to buy from their downstream vendors, and thus make your experiences shopping at their outlet stores as unpleasant and unrewarding as possible.

Dan Reed said...

Not quite, no, not until April, and besides, the liquor flows freely and without government intervention in College Park. I am quite happy over here.

S. said...

Yeah we I lived in East County I drove to HoCo for alcohol. It was in fact cheaper and they had a far better selection. Also, as mention, the stores we nicer ( even CLEAN) and I didn't feel like ˆ needed to be armed to get in and out with my life.

Dan, what you put on the 'net never goes away.....should we send your underage drinking comment over to College Park PD? ( just kidding)

On a another, I may be heading out of state soon but if I wasn't, anyone that ran for office promising to disband the MoCo liquor control board has my vote!