Friday, October 24, 2008

it's all tanglewood, all the time

As everyone knows, the best way to find out what the kids are saying today is to check your local blogs. The planning website Planetizen pointed us to Wordle, a website where you can put in a block of text - or the address of your favorite blog - and it'll spit out "beautiful word clouds" in which the words you've used most frequently in recent posts appear bigger.

Here's the word cloud for Just Up The Pike. Strangely, "Pike" is not one of our most-used words:

what other blogs' word clouds look like AFTER THE JUMP . . .

Over at Silver Spring, Singular, it's pretty clear what Sligo's been talking about recently:

And at Maryland Politics Watch, gambling has dominated the blog banter in the weeks leading up to the election:

This is from my personal blog. I don't use "Pike" a lot here, either, but I do use something that rhymes with it:


Adam Pagnucco said...

These word clouds must be drawn from very recent posts. No regular reader of JUTP would rank "Tanglewood" as a more frequently covered subject than "Purple Line" or "Live Nation" or "Turf."

Thomas Hardman said...

The Wordle for my own blog came out fairly well, almost prescient or somesuch.

If you tilt your head to the side, and start reading, it says something like "love elders least services towards Expenditures just Montgomery politics government". If you look at it straight on, it says something like "growing coverage cans living world transfer trout thing extirpated Otherwise Extinction region almost Economic".

Wow, Wordle is the new Oracle!

Scenic Wheaton said...

very pretty