Friday, November 14, 2008

what goes around comes around

Not quite a return to the scene of the crime, but close enough for two gang members allegedly involved in the Ride-On bus shooting earlier this month:
U.S. marshals in Houston stormed a city bus yesterday and arrested two fugitive gang members wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old honor student aboard a Montgomery County bus this month, authorities said.

"It's kind of poetic justice that they were arrested on a bus," said Alfredo Perez, a deputy marshal who took part in the operation.
Speaking of MoCo's bus system: County Executive Ike Leggett has once again proposed cutting service on some Ride-On routes to help close the budget gap. In East County, you'd find fewer buses on Route 4 between Silver Spring and Kensington, which would lose midday service; on Route 26, which runs between Glenmont and Montgomery Mall, which would no longer stop at the Trolley Museum in Colesville on weekends; and Route 18 between Silver Spring and Langley Park, which will now run every 30 minutes during the afternoon.

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1 comment:

Thomas Hardman said...

They could save lots of money, and apply it to the transit system, if only they'd stop paying for those day-laborer centers. Nobody needs day-laborers, and it's just wasting our scarce taxpayer dollars.

Nice to see that they caught up with those MS-13 illegal alien gangsters. Three cheers for the US Marshals!

Maybe if the County wants to save even more money, they could just help the US Marshals locate and remove every last illegal-alien gangster in the County that has a warrant.

Last I checked, that list was pretty long. And it's all Federal money, no County funds are needed. And we'll need less funding for police once the Feds remove the criminals.