Thursday, April 2, 2009

day off?

Our entry for the design competition I'm doing - you remember, the one where I'm designing a building at Bonifant and Georgia - is due this Monday, so I may not be able to post as frequently. (This is not an April Fool's joke.) I'm looking forward to diving into the homestretch of the District 4 race (including, of course, a few more interviews) next week, but in the meantime, Maryland Politics Watch is doing a fine job covering it.

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Thomas Hardman said...

I dunno, Dan. Maryland Politics Watch has very carefully not mentioned my name at all since the Candidate Forum at Audubon Naturalist. And you're certainly being a bit slow in posting the interview that you did with me, and there are a few other candidates that you haven't gotten around to yet, right?

Maryland Politics Watch is pretty clearly the Nancy Navarro Press Release site.

But I'm not particularly worried or anything. After the last few Candidate Forum events, I did get a lot of handshaking action and a lot of folks stopped to talk with me. The fun thing for me is that while all of the Typical Political Creatures were chasing after Navarro or Kramer, the people who stopped to talk to me seemed to be the thoughtful types who were looking for substantive discussions and individual thinking rather than the sort of Party Faction Figureheads whose sad class is best demonstrated in recent Republican history by the Administration of George W. Bush. The party pushed and pushed and pushed and hey, he looked great in a suit, right? -so he had to be the one to elect. Except that first time, he didn't get actually elected so much as he got appointed, right?

That's what you get when the Party Machine closes in and declares their heir apparent: a bought-and-paid-for figurehead. Someone who will do as Halliburton says, as told by Dick Cheney. But hop on over to MPW and see who's endorsing who and you can figure out who is the figurehead and who is the Dick Cheney. We all know who the Halliburton is in this metaphor.

Where's Al Gore when you really need him?