Thursday, April 30, 2009

what's up the pike: school and work

Blake High School at night.

- Montgomery County police say they've thwarted an attempt by two students to bomb Springbrook High School and murder staff members, including principal Michael Durso. Both students will be up for bond review this afternoon. School officials say they received a threatening e-mail last Monday, the tenth anniversary of the Columbine shootings in Colorado, but haven't made any connections with this incident.

- It's a hard week for local business: in Fenton Village, residents and shopkeepers debate whether to make their neighborhood "funky", or keep it as is - but no matter what, they don't want it to become another Ellsworth. Meanwhile, Wheaton and Silver Spring's "Buy Local" campaigns (which MPW talked about last week) may be cut from MoCo's budget for 2010, putting them out of business for good.

- Four years after Blake High student Alicia Betancourt died in a car accident, the yearly race held in her honor may fizzle out. Organizers note that this is the first year that Blake students won't have gone to school with Betancourt, who would have graduated in 2006, which may have made the race less relevant to current Bengals and their families.

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