Monday, April 27, 2009

what's up the pike: t-shirts and theatres

It's a rare thing in this area for it to be ninety degrees and not oppressively muggy. I've been told that weather is like this in the West, but I've never seen it before, though I am enjoying a kind of heat that is not accompanied by sweat-soaked T-shirts. Speaking of which, here's a look at what's happening this week in East County:

- The Super Fresh on Plum Orchard Drive in Calverton always has a selection of shirts, hats, etc. all bearing the words "SILVER SPRING" in some configuration. I've never really paid attention to them (even I, as a big Silver Spring booster, am left wondering who these products are aimed at - tourists? Fleetwood Mac fans?) until I saw this T-shirt, with a logo that reads "Maryland Great Outdoors."

What Great Outdoors? Are you talking about Brookside Gardens? My friend from high school who had two acres and practically lived in Howard County but still had a Silver Spring address? Either way, it's a reminder that there is still a Silver Spring outside the Beltway, complete with soaring eagles and everything.

- I had to give this Diamondback story a second look before realizing that Steve and Barry's, the discount retailer that once sold ironic T-shirts by the crateful in City Place Mall before shutting down last year, wasn't actually opening up a store in College Park. No, the new shop, which also specializes in ridiculously underpriced [new and used] clothes, is called Barry and Steve's Clothing Exchange. Very, very slick. I know I'm not the only person who got it confused, and it'll hopefully keep this local business in the black.

- Montgomery County Public Schools is inviting the public to see and comment on early proposals to renovate the Elizabeth Stickley Auditorium on Wayne Avenue, which shut down in 1998 after Blair High School moved to its current campus on University Boulevard. The auditorium not only hosted Blair's drama and music productions, but big-name performers like Arturo Sandoval and Stevie Wonder. The next work session will be 7pm this Wednesday, April 29th at Silver Spring International Middle School, which is next to the auditorium. For more information, check out the Old Blair Auditorium website. (Thanks to Stuart Moore for the heads-up.)

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Bossi said...

A number of other communities use the exact same T-shirt design -- I just spotted the same shirt in the Greenbelt Co-Op... of course, reading "Greenbelt" instead of "Silver Spring"