Monday, May 11, 2009

what's up the pike: blue, black and gray

I looked at my Flickr account today and noticed there's a list of my most popular photos, many of which appear on Just Up The Pike. At #1 with 1,339 views is this photo of a sign for Blake High's 2006 production of High School Musical, one of the first school adaptations of the Disney movie in the nation. Because I was driving, my friend took the picture - but he had the camera set on "blue," hence the coloring.

Anyway. Here's a look at what's happening this week in East County:

- For Mother's Day, the Post profiles Vivian Heyward-Bey, whose son Darrius just got drafted by the Oakland Raiders. I meant to write about this a couple of weeks ago, because Darrius not only went to Maryland with me - he was in my class at White Oak Middle School eleven years ago. There's always this negative stereotype about how the jocks pick on the nerds (trust me, I was a nerd in middle school - I mean, look at this blog!) but he was probably one of the nicest people I knew back then. Check it out, y'all, he's East County's native son.

- Maryland Gangs talks to four black kids who got kicked out of City Place Mall (which may or may not have a website) last week by a security guard - and says it's not the first time they've used racial profiling there. E-mails to the mall's manager have gone unanswered since the blogger first noticed these incidents several months ago.

- Life in Slumburbia (which if you haven't read, provides a nice companion to Thomas Hardman's tales of life in the Aspen Hill/Wheaton area) talks about homeowners who pave over their yards, not only degrading residential neighborhoods but contributing to the "heat island" effect.

- Come back later today for photos from last Saturday's first-annual Silver Spring Blues Festival, which was an awesome start to the summer concert season on Ellsworth.

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Thomas Hardman said...

There's this one little strip of Georgia Avenue right across the the Aspen Manor Shopping Center, and almost every last one of the houses there has paved their front yard to the point where they can (and do) park 12 cars on each paved yard. And now, someone else has moved in and set up a home-office (real estate/car insurance) and is in the process of paving their yard. They could and did get a permit for that, which because of the home-office exception means that every last house on Georgia Avenue facing the Aspen Manor Shopping Center will have a paved front yard.

Meanwhile, I am entertaining myself by watching the folks over a Maryland Politics Watch drive themselves stark staring mad. You can really see it somewhere around the tenth comment or so.

I'm guessing that they must have read my series on "Love and Espionage" and are proving my points for me, notably that there doesn't seem to be any consensus hereabouts as to what constitutes "sane".