Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what's up the pike: number two, y'all

With 30,701 visits through April, Just Up The Pike is the second most-visited "local blog" in the state of Maryland, according to analysis from Adam Pagnucco at Maryland Politics Watch. Rounding out the top five are Baltimore's Inside Charm City (with 80,984 visits), our friends on The Other Pike Rockville Central and Further Up The Pike at Tales of Two Cities, and the trippy Oceanshaman blog out of West Ocean City.

Thanks for supporting JUTP over the past (almost) three years, y'all. Here's hoping the Maryland blogosphere continues to grow and prosper in the years to come. Anyway . . .

- A man calling himself the "Potomac Secret Agent" has been posting signs around Potomac warning motorists of speed cameras. While I applaud the attempt at "civil disobedience," knowing that drivers see a speed camera and slow down thinking that "35" really means "20," the signs might mean they hit their brakes even sooner, but it still means speed cameras don't really affect driver behavior more than fifty feet away. If we're truly serious about lower speeds and pedestrian safety, we need to rip out the cameras and start some aggressive "traffic calming," starting with narrower lanes, on-street parking, curb bump-outs, and so on.

- No one's expressed interest in taking County Councilmember Nancy Navarro's former seat on the School Board. If you're interested, the Gazette has information for who to contact.

- The County Council's holding a hearing on the proposed White Oak Transit Center at New Hampshire and Lockwood next Tuesday, June 9 in Rockville. The facility would consolidate several local routes and stops in one location, with six bus shelters and a queueing area.

- Park and Planning wants to name a playground in Kensington after activist Wayne Goldstein, who passed away earlier this month. I know there will be some grousing about having to name things but honestly, for all he did, couldn't you name the whole playground after him?


Potomac Secret Agent said...

Dan, I am an avid reader of your blog and enjoy it a great deal.

I agree with your comments regarding aggressive traffic calming measures to truly increase safety and reduce speed on Montgomery county roads.

I would love to see the money generated by these cameras applied to installing speed bumps, road narrowing and other proven measures to reduce speed. Currently the monies raised by these automated fines go to the general fund.

Thank you for the mention of this story and this issue. Folks can follow the PotomacSecretAgent campaign to raise awareness on Twitter @potomacsecret and

Thanks Again! PotomacSecretAgent

Thomas Hardman said...

As for all of that very expensive pedestrian safety stuff...

Can't you people just teach your kids to not play in the streets or at curb edge?


Brad Rourke said...

Dan, congrats on the well deserved success as #2 local blog in Maryland (and #1 is a different breed of animal so you could say you're #1 in a way).

--Brad (Rockville Central)

Unknown said...

I think a big asterisk needs to go by that #2 blog. Based on available numbers? How many of the other blogs don't release their numbers? I have a feeling a few of them would eat your numbers for breakfast. But hey - I know you're never one to miss a chance at self-promotion. Even when Robin Thicke reared his ugly head, you were first to point out that you got a mention in the Washingtonian, too.

Enjoy your second place.

Dan Reed said...

Until they release their numbers, nobody knows how many views they have. It could be the same person leaving comments over and over again under different names, or hitting refresh. So, I mean, don't knock me - I've been working hard at this for three years, and I deserve any recognition I get.