Friday, June 19, 2009

what's up the pike: moving around

Rendering, White Oak Rec Center
The new rec center on April Lane in White Oak could start construction as early as next year.

- D.C. United is polling fans to see if they'd prefer to see the soccer team build a new home in the District, Loudoun County or "lower Montgomery County," reports the Post. Plans to move from RFK Stadium to Anacostia and later Greenbelt fell through, and now the club is quietly considering locations in "Rockville, Wheaton and Silver Spring," among others. While a new soccer stadium on the east side would be exciting, one question remains: where would you put one?

- On Wednesday, the Police Department will unveil their plans for the new 3rd District station to be built on Milestone Drive in White Oak. They'll also talk about proposals to build mixed-income housing on the twelve-acre site, which haven't been finalized yet. That meeting is at 7pm at the Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center on Briggs Chaney Road.

- Residents of the recently-built Gatestone subdivision on Stewart Lane is complaining that the White Oak Recreation Center, which could start construction next year, will bring crime to the neighborhood. They "have spotted drug deals in the area's tot lots and are concerned that more illegal activity will take place when the center is complete," writes Gazette reporter Robert Dongu. Previously, Gatestone's HOA has said the rec center will hurt the property values of their $400,000 townhomes; that it will cause more people to walk through their neighborhood; and that the County hasn't done enough to address either concern.

- Takoma Park resident Elihu Eli El is considering challenging Delegate Tom Hucker for his District 20 seat next fall, says Adam at Maryland Politics Watch. Eli's bid seeks to "revive that feeling of community and connection" in local politics, according to his press release. "We knew there was an opportunity to change politics, to make it about hope and a shared passion for our common future."


Adam Pagnucco said...

Just a clarification on the Delegate race. Every state legislative district in Montgomery County is represented by three Delegates. When Delegate candidates run, the top three vote-getters win. So Eli El is not necessarily targeting Tom Hucker. If he wins, he could displace any of the three incumbents provided that they all run for re-election.

Lockwood_650 said...

After the county took down our only basketball court in White Oak(where the apartments are located), we stuck with nothing but to do other stuff, mostly stuff that get us in trouble with the law, alot of the young kids just hang around in groups join clicks or gangs or smoke weed, but now that we getting a rec center kids might try to do more positive stuff because they can be out of trouble for doing more activities after school , but the F-ing police are still gonna profile us like they do, search us, arrest us,.... i really got a conflict with moco police.