Thursday, July 2, 2009

daily snapshot: ice cream truck

Ice Cream Truck, Alley Behind Severn Street
Go out to Maple Lawn in Howard County and you'll see people out on the streets, particularly around Looney's Pub, a new restaurant and bar in the planned community's so-called "Business District." But during the long, hot summer days, you'll only see the ice cream truck, weaving its way down half-finished streets every day around 2 p.m. or so. It doesn't stop for children as the sign suggests. (It may, but I have seen no children in Maple Lawn in my many visits there.) It pulls into the many dusty construction sites, so workers who fight the recession to put up pricey new homes can enjoy a snow cone or a fudge pop.

Presumably there are also sandwiches or pupusas like the other trucks sell, because it's not like these guys can swing hammers on sugar and food coloring alone.

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