Monday, July 13, 2009

daily snapshot: what I did this weekend

The Real World House, At Night
In high school, The Real World was always background noise. You forgot the TV was on and left the room, or maybe you wanted something to distract you from homework, but the kids were there living in some fantastic house and arguing with each other over whether or not you should clip toenails in the living room.

But whether or not you actually watched The Real World, you wanted to know when they were coming here, and I have watched with great excitement the circus that now surrounds the big Victorian house at 20th and S in Dupont Circle. My friends and I, never big fans of the show (though I did watch TRW: Brooklyn for several weeks this spring) made the pilgrimage last Saturday night to see the house, and the bulky security guy out front, the skinny guys with earpieces on the corner, and the steady stream of tourists who, like us, marvel at the amazing grill on the terrace and the objects on the table (some playing cards, dirty plates), wondering aloud, "Who would leave such a mess? Can't those kids clean up after themselves?")

I was as excited to see the house of the Anti-Real World D.C. Blog, located catty-corner to the Real World house, because they get to watch the goings-on from their own computer desks, and by virtue have become famous in their own right.

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