Thursday, September 10, 2009

daily snapshot(s): garden of whimsy

Garden Of Whimsy, Calverton

Sometimes, you can take home decorating too far. Or not far enough. Am I the only one who thinks the lawn of this Calverton home could use more lawn gnomes?

Garden Of Whimsy, Calverton (1)


Bowie Mike said...

If you took one, I wonder how long it would take for them to know it was missing.

Unknown said...

Actually I think a blue mirror globe would be the ultimate addition. That way all the existing ornaments would be doubled in quantity.

Thomas Hardman said...

There is a house in Aspen Hill which by far outdoes this one, and on only half the lot size.

There's another one which pretty much rivals that one, but I am afriad to take its photo and mount it, as it might break the internet.

WashingtonGardener said...

Thomas you NEED to share thse pics.

This one has ALL the holidays covered at once -- good for them. Self-expression is a dying art.
If this where some snarky, "ironic" installation at an art gallery you all would lap it up.
Would I want to live next door? No. But I give them credit for trying to create their version of beauty.

Thomas Hardman said...

WashingtonGardner: Ah, I think that if I took a photo and mounted it to the Web, and the internet didn't break, I'd only be encouraging these folks by giving them free publicity. ;)

Seriously, though: at the one place I'm thinking of, if you imagine someone taking about a thousand of those little stick-on convex mirrors that some folks put on their car rear-view mirrors, and then gluing them all over a lot of fairly large rocks, and then placing said works of art-noveaux all around the yard, you're getting the bare bones of the idea.

Now, also imagine that they hang ornamental bird-cages full of rubber-duckies all around the yard, too. Now cut a couple dozen truck tires in half, jam them randomly into the middle of the lawn, and paint them bright yellow. Then paint the house a pale violet with pine-forest green trim. Except for the door, which gets the same yellow paint as the random truck tires.

You'll have to imagine this, for now, because I Phear for teh intarwebs.

The other house is rather more organized but not much less garish. Imagine a cross between a Mardi Gras parade, a Mexican fiesta, and a really intense fandom for the Ravens. Oh, and statues of various Saints all over the place. Even in the front-lawn gazebo.

Contrast and compare with my yard. Of course, if my ancient mom wasn't living here, who knows, I might fill up the yard with models of obsolete spacecraft (can you say, "Skylab"?) and working particle accelerators.

Thomas Hardman said...

You can see one of the houses to which I referred, in a very LARGE (5M or so) photo here.