Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what's up the pike: sushi girl, redux

Sushi Model
- It looks like the Georgian's rooftop is quickly becoming the place to be. The creators of True Beauty, a photobook tribute to local young women, are hosting a benefit for a breast cancer detection atop the apartment building, complete with a fashion show, a raffle, an art exhibition, and a Michael Jackson "best dance-alike" contest. Don't fret if you missed last month's "sushi girl" (above), because the benefit will have "naked caviar," served atop host and book author Richard Chu. "please, please, please, however tempted you are, only nibble on the -food-," reads the announcement. Better mark your calendars for Thursday, September 10 at 7:30.

- Of course, Monday was the first day of school here in MoCo. The Post had full coverage of the goings-on (including pictures!) at Blake High, from the importance of computer passwords, as explained by English teacher/my friend's mom Mrs. Barlev ("A school that is this pretty and provides this many resources is making a statement. . . . Honor and cherish this password. This is your gateway to a lot of adventure.") to a ballsy freshman who sat at an underclassmen lunchtable. Back when I was a freshman in '01, this was an offense worthy of being dumped in a trash can. Kids these days!

- NBC4's online . . . blog . . . thing? mentions Monday's post about the houses being built adjacent to the water tower in Montgomery Hills. Some kind of . . . ridiculous reader poll revealed that 43% laughed at the story, 27% were furious, and 20% were just plain bored.

- A planned meeting on the fate of the Sligo Creek Golf Course has been postponed indefinitely. The discussion, originally scheduled for next Wednesday, would have been on new uses for the course located at Sligo Creek Parkway and the Beltway and did not include new proposals to keep existing operations intact.

- The Krispy Kreme in Columbia is closed, say reports on HowChow, a blow to donut lovers who thought nothing of a fifteen-mile drive to the store off Snowden River Parkway in the sprawling Columbia Crossing shopping center. There are still stores in Dupont Circle and Rockville. but if you prefer your donuts with all sorts of crazy crap on them, the Fractured Prune's stores in Cloverly and on Fenton Street are still open.

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