Tuesday, October 20, 2009

this blog was brought to you by . . .

JUTP still doesn't have a policy on advertising, despite having been approached by a few blog-savvy marketers. I have a friend in New York who wants to know how I'll "monetize" this venture, but it won't happen so long as I have to report any income earned outside work to the county's Ethics Commission. So in the interest of charity (and cleaning out my inbox), here are some more announcements that I was not compensated for in any way, shape or form:

Photo by flickr user Yukari*.

- The animal welfare website PetFinder.com hosts its third-annual Discovery Adoptable Pet Event next Tuesday. It's your chance to see "cute, adoptable pets, including dogs and (for the first time) cats" (emphasis theirs) from local animal shelters. If free puppies aren't enough to get you in the door, there's also free food. The event's from 4 to 6pm next Tuesday, October 27 at One Discovery Place, located at Wayne and Georgia.

- Geeta, who lives on U Street (hey, it's only 65 blocks from Downtown Silver Spring), asked us to mention her latest project: 50 Dates, an "experiment to find love within six degrees of separation." Geeta's asked her friends to find her fifty straight and single men to have a date with before June 2010, and she's started a blog to document her progress.

- The Bach Sinfonia continues to break in Montgomery College's new Silver Spring/Takoma Park Performing Arts Center with the venue's inaugural classical performance. Sinfonia performs music from the eighteenth century using instruments and techniques from that period. Check out their latest concert, this Saturday at 8pm, is an exploration of the Baroque concerto, including works by Vivaldi, Handel, and composers that anyone besides music majors wouldn't know.

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