Friday, November 27, 2009

what's up the pike: i will never drink milk again

If you haven't noticed already, posting's been a little light this week because of the Thanksgiving weekend. JUTP will be back up to full speed Monday morning. Anyway:

- A proposed apartment complex will have more affordable units and less parking if the Planning Board approves changes (warning! PDF file.) to the Galaxy, to be built at Eastern Avenue and 13th Street, next Thursday. Of the development's 241 apartments, 101 would be County-subsidized moderately priced dwelling units, reports the DCmud blog, while the number of parking spaces would drop from 430 spaces to 368, about 1.5 spaces per apartment.

Back in 2005, RST Development had more ambitious ideas (scroll down) for the Galaxy, planning over 300 luxury condos in a trio of high-rise buildings. Silver Spring, Singular noted how hilariously outdated their advertising was. They downsized their plans after the market downturn in 2007. (Photo courtesy of Silver Spring Scene.)

- The Devouring DC blog, written by a Silver Spring resident (whose blogroll looks kind of empty, if you know what I mean) reviews Flippin' Pizza, which recently opened at Colesville and Ramsey next to Qdoba. "It's not the Italian, gourmet neapolitan style pizza like you would find at 2 Amy's," she writes, "but if you are looking for a simple New York style pizza this is a pretty good bet." Unfortunately, the blogger notes, Flippin' Pizza doesn't deliver.

- The Gazette recaps last week's trash cleanup in a popular student hangout next to Northwood High School, where students and local environmentalists hope to create a nature trail. Littered with everything from an unemptied purse to a bong (extracurricular activities, anyone?), the 15-acre woods was basically abandoned after plans for a road there connecting Route 29 and University Boulevard were shelved.

- The National Capital Trolley Museum says they're still planning to re-open tomorrow. Located on Bonifant Road in Layhill for forty years, the museum lost much of their collection of historic streetcars in a 2003 fire and was displaced by construction of the InterCounty Connector last year. The museum's new facility was designed by NS Architects of Rockville.


Sk8ter Mom said...

Dan your link to the Flippin' Pizza review is broken, but so far I really, really like that place. The pizza's good, the slices tend to be big, and they're cheap. $3 buys a slice of cheese and a drink, and it's $5.00 for any 2 slices and a drink. They were really nice to Skateboard Mom and I hope they're nice to other skaters, 'cause they're gonna get a lot of skater business. Which makes me happy. I hate seeing those kids eating at McDonald's so much.

Robert said...
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Dan Reed said...

There, it's all fixed.

WashingtonGardener said...

Shameless pluf for a local holiday-time insitution and a GRREAT way to work off those turkey pounds: Brookside's Garden of Lights opens tonight in Wheaton - Washington Gardener Magazine has a giveway for vehicle passes (you pile in all your friends, drive in, then walk the grounds.) See video here for a sneak peak:

Thomas Hardman said...

Note in passing: I drove up past the old Trolley Car Museum building, and wowsers: the ICC construction there is really moving right along. I wonder if they'll leave the Old Bel Pre Road bridge spanning Northwest Branch in place... it's not in the way, and it's a sort of museum piece itself. When I was a wee tyke I actually fished there a time or two.

Also noted in passing: 13th and Eastern? Luxury apartments? I guess that might tend to get the No Tell Motel next door to get closed down... even moreso than last year's police actions did. Either that, or the "ho's" will just start keeping shop in the apartment building. Costs less than the motel. ;)

did someone say... affordable?

Evan Glass said...

Thomas - South Silver Spring is a great place to live and work. Let me know if you ever want a walking tour of the neighborhood. And as for the problems with Days Inn motel, while they still persist, the amazing attorneys with the State's Attorney's office (especially Maura Lynch) have really improved the situation. Kudos to them!

Cyndy said...

I drove up to the new trolley museum on Saturday. They said they're shooting for next Saturday, but also said that's being optimistic.

Hey Thomas, my husband said he went fishing off of that bridge a couple times too when he was a kid.