Monday, November 9, 2009

what's up the pike: purple potamus was like the best name ever

Concession Stand, AMC City Place 10
Come by tomorrow for an update on the new Silver Spring Library. In the meantime, if you missed it last week, check out these photos of the shuttered City Place 10 theatre. Anyway:

- The Blockbuster in the Burtonsville Crossing shopping center will close in January, says the Gazette. Developer Chris Jones, who's already snatched another business there for his Burtonsville Town Square project across the street, correctly says Burtonsville's dying village center isn't to blame. Instead, it's the rise of Netflix and other online video services that have forced other local video stores, like Purple Potamus in Colesville (right, photo by bradlby), to shut their doors.

- And in Olney, popular restaurant B.J. Pumpernickel's will also shut down after twenty years when owner Barry Schwartz retires. It doesn't help that the New York-style eatery would have to move anyway to make room for a new Harris Teeter set to open at that shopping center in 2011.

- Tomorrow, Silver Spring Town Center, Inc., hosts a concert in honor of Veterans' Day. "A Tribute To America's Veterans" will include performances by local singer Jonny Grave and blues artists Memphis Gold and Jay Summerour. Tickets for the concert, which is set for 7:30pm at the Round House Theatre on Colesville Road, are $20 and can be purchased by shooting an e-mail to silverspringtowncenter at gmail dot com.

- Wayne at Finish the Trail figures out how the completed Capital Crescent Trail will join up with the new Silver Spring Transit Center, under construction as we speak. "You may find this post tedious if maps and plans are not your thing, or if you understood the concept plan all along," he warns.

- Local officials are talking about tossing out the Fairland Master Plan, a document that guides zoning and land use along the Route 29 corridor. At their last monthly meeting, members of the East County Citizens Advisory Board complained the plan's mandates to build more expensive single-family homes and ignore improvements to local transit are no longer relevant today.

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