Tuesday, December 1, 2009

daily snapshot: storecat

Pla-Za Art Store Cat
The Pla-Za Art at Georgia and Sligo might be the only store I know of with resident cats. My studio supplies come cheaper at the Pearl in Rockville, but here the hairballs are always free.


Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

That is Newton that you captured snoozing (yet again) in the sunny west-facing window.

The other cat's name is Winsor. They are named after the artists' materials supply company, http://www.winsornewton.com .

WashingtonGardener said...

These are FAR from the only store cats in downtown SS - I've askedthe Voice to do a "store animals" story in the past - let's hope it hits newsprint soon.
There are several, but used to be many more. My favorite was the fluffy calico Persian at Chaconas Florist at corner of Wayne & Georgia (now moved to the SS warehouse distruct near Lyttonsville) - that cat was just a bundle of friendly love.