Monday, December 14, 2009

what's up the pike: no reunification until 3:15

Parent Reunification Site (copy)
- Tonight, parents at Oakland Terrace Elementary School can learn more about plans to place kindergartners in empty classrooms at Sligo Middle School. With over 900 students estimated to attend Oakland Terrace in coming years, school officials are scrambling to find more space. The meeting's at 7:30pm at Sligo, located at 1401 Dennis Avenue.

- Washington Post literary critic Michael Dirda, dubbed the "sexiest man alive" by my high school English teacher, will be at the White Oak Library this week to discuss his new book, Classics for Pleasure. You can see him at 7pm Wednesday at the library, located on 11701 New Hampshire Avenue at Heartfields Drive. (Thanks to ComicsDC for the heads-up.)

- Sligo at Silver Spring, Singular reports that the Hollywood Video on Fenton Street has closed, leaving another big retail gap in Downtown Silver Spring. Maybe a certain closing coffee shop looking to relocate would be interested?

- Bier Magazine reviews Piratz Tavern, everyone's favorite pirate-themed bar at Georgia and Bonifant. "There are bars that draw a crowd with ambience, and then there are those that flog you over the head with it," says the review. "But who’s to say that’s a bad thing?" Being a publication about beer, however, the magazine give Piratz 3 out of 5 stars for their "limited beer selection."


hockeypunk said...

OT and Sligo represent!

Sligo said...

When I was in middle school @ TPIS (now TPMS), Sligo was our biggest rival. Of course, we referred to it as "Sluggo". There was also "Leastern"...