Friday, January 8, 2010

daily snapshot: edge cities

I'm currently on the West Coast, so posts this week will be about something I've seen or done while I'm out there. JUTP will be back in full force next Monday, January 11.

Los Angeles Skyline (Downtown in Background)

The Los Angeles skyline, or skylines, seen from the Getty Center. Points for whoever can tell me where Downtown is in the photo. Bonus points to whomever can name which five (!!!) or so of LA's edge cities are visible.


Gary said...

Oh, a challenge. Downtown is the blurriest thing on the horizon to the left, with the tallest buildings.

I don't think there are any real LA edge cities in there. The road in the foreground is, I think, the 405. I see Beverly Hills & Century City/Westwood in the foreground. I suppose you could say that's Hollywood in front of downtown. But the real LA Edge Cities are in the Valley, Inland Empire, etc. Everything in this photo is just plain LA.

Unknown said...

Not sure if it qualifies as "edge", but West Hollywood is incorporated separately from LA proper. Also, though I think it's just out of frame to the right in the picture, (the people's republic of) Santa Monica is also an independent city.

Gary said...

Culver City is somewhere back there, too, and I suppose in the haze to the right of downtown you can see Inglewood.

Down and to the left of downtown I see Park LaBrea (near tar pits/farmer's market), which I think Dan would find interesting.

Sligo said...

Really, rather than these being edge cities, they're more like multiple downtowns. Have you read "City of Glass", Dan? That book is totally for you.