Monday, January 4, 2010

googie, neon or whatever (in los angeles)

I'm currently on the West Coast, so posts this week will be about something I've seen or done while I'm out there. JUTP will be back in full force next Monday, January 11.

Eat your heart out, Sligo. (Check out this slideshow for more.)

LA County Museum of Art, Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Go here. There's an awesome exhibit on Andy Warhol (fitting with the whole mid-century design theme, right?), Joseph Beuys (conceptual artist active post-World War II) and Jeff Koons in the modern wing.

Liquor Script, Main Street Santa Monica
Liquor store, Santa Monica. I think all the grody stickers actually add to it.

Johnie's Coffee Shop, Wilshire at Fairfax
I got to walk by this every morning on my way from the hotel to the bus (which itself is a topic for another post). Note how the sign from the (unrelated) parking lot in back seems to point to the building.

Yardage (The House of a Thousand Fabrics), Fairfax at Wilshire
The sign below reads "House of a Thousand Fabrics" in really lovely script but, unfortunately, I was running to catch a bus and couldn't get it.


Sligo said...

You are in LA without a car? Good luck with that.

Dan Reed said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find that LA's public transit, especially the buses, was fast, convenient and fun. Remember that Metro brought on John Catoe as director for the miracles he did there. Walking in LA is no pleasure (I screwed up my Achilles tendon doing so) but it can be very rewarding.

Marc Korman said...

Great thing about "Johnie's Coffee Shop" is that it is a permanent set. There is nothing inside unless something is being filmed there. Only in LA....


Sligo said...

Unlike DC, however, the attractions of LA are far, far apart.

Dan Reed said...

Which is why it's so rewarding to get around without a car. Because you can still see everything in the same amount of time without paying for a rental or parking. (Though I did rent a car for my day in Orange County, which you'll read about in the morning.)