Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what's up the pike: i've got the golden scissors

Golden Scissors

- Officials closed Georgia Avenue in Wheaton at rush hour on Monday and evacuated dozens of nearby homes after receiving reports of a foul odor in the area. This happened shortly after a manhole at Georgia and Plyers Mill Road popped off and flew through the windshield of a passing SUV, striking the driver in the face. Though news reports mention the two events together, there seems to be no idea as to whether they're actually connected.

- It looks like Silver Spring Daily Photo has started up again after a long hiatus. In the past week, they've posted a moody nighttime scene at Alliance Comics and a grungy coffee break at Highland Origin, both on Fenton Street, and a much brighter photo of the new Mayorga Coffee Roasters opening up in Takoma soon.

- The restless renters at Georgian Confidential say there have been "a number of break-ins and thefts" at the Georgian Apartments since their original owners defaulted on their building loans late last year, literally leaving the 900-unit complex without management. Greystar Management, which ran the building before, will continue to run operations until the complex is sold.

- County police arrested two men who broke into four houses in north White Oak last Friday. At the second break-in, a twelve-year-old boy alone at home heard glass breaking, grabbed his father's BB gun to defend himself, and ran to a school down the street, which called the police on him. Fortunately, everything worked out and the two suspects - one of whom was already wanted for previous burglaries in Wheaton - are awaiting trial.

- Tonight, the Silver Spring Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Committee will hold their monthly meeting. On their agenda are (what else?) pedestrian safety at major Downtown intersections, updates on recent transportation projects in the area, and even a discussion on the proposed Gaithersburg West Master Plan and "its consequences on Silver Spring and the Purple Line." The meeting starts at 7:30pm at the Round House Educational Center, 925 Wayne Avenue on the first floor of the Wayne Avenue Garage.


Robert said...

Does anyone know what caused the manhole cover to blow off at Georgia Avenue and Plyers Mill Road?

Bossi said...

Busy night! State of WMATA first, State of Silver Spring second, and the tail-end of the State of the Union third.

At WMATA: it was nice to meet David Alpert for the first time, and the place was quite well-packed -- they pulled all their desk folks down to become ushers: it was amusing to see planners, designers, and even their lawyers smiling and showing people about.