Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what's up the pike: subway and muffins (updated)

Random Breakfast Trash On New Hampshire
- Goldberg's New York Bagels will move into the former Kirsten's Cafe at Georgia Avenue and 16th Street, reports the City Paper, which notes that the chain has several iterations, all originating from the same dough factory in . . . New Jersey. There's already another Goldberg's off Randolph Road in Rockville.

- Awesome food blog Lunching in the DMV (as in "that dude's lunchin'") reviews Azucar, a Mexican/Latin American restaurant in the Layhill Shopping Center at Layhill and Bel Pre roads. "They have a great menu with a salads, meats, seafood and specialities," writes blogger Dskco, who notes "the place was packed," meaning it must be good.

- I couldn't stomach their narrative "A Chevy Chase Morning," but I'm still entering Bethesda Magazine's short story contest, open to residents of Montgomery County and parts of Northwest DC (of course, only the zip codes that border Bethesda. Guess Shepherd Park and Takoma aren't literary enough.) Winners will receive $500 ($250 for their "high school" category), a gift certificate to the Writer's Center, and of course get published in Bethesda Magazine.

Submissions for both the adult and high school categories are due on February 26. (Thanks to Rockville Central for the heads-up.)

- Do you ride the bus on 16th Street? BeyondDC points us to this petition from the Coalition for Smarter Growth to build a busway down 16th Street, presumably from Downtown Silver Spring to somewhere around the White House. "Buses account for 1% of the vehicles on 16th Street, carry 30% of the people traveling on it, and are allocated 0% of it as a dedicated running way," writes blogger Dan Malouff. "What’s wrong with this picture?" Nothing's been funded yet, but in the meantime, check out this video of the (also unfunded) K Street busway:


Terry in Silver Spring said...

The upper parts of 16th as you are heading toward Maryland aren't particularly wide. Bounded by houses, churches, etc on either side, there isn't much room to widen the road either. Where would this bus way/lane be located? Would existing lanes be narrowed and the median (when present) used?

Anonymous said...

Quick clarification: I didn't start that petition for 16th Street. It was started by the Coalition for Smarter Growth. I just latched onto it to help get the word out.

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to list me as BeyondDC. OpenID is being weird.

Unknown said...

I love the video and all the future accidents that will occur on this stretch of K Street as cars zig and zag because the lanes don't make any sense. No doubt the insurance industry wasn't consulted when these buffoons of designers sat down at the proverbial design table to think this baby out. The 50 second point of the video was the beginning of this design debacle. Please tell me what colleges the designers went to so as not to have others go there in the future.