Monday, February 15, 2010

shovel brigade clears out sidewalks, bus stops in downtown silver spring (updated)

While some people look forward to getting their street plowed after weeks of heavy snowfall, those who walk or use public transit to get around have a whole new problem: snowplows often push the snow into the sidewalk, leaving piles of hardened, icy snow several feet high. No doubt you've seen people walking along the sides of major local roads - in my daily commute to work, it's along Randolph Road - as speeding cars swerve around them.

That's why last week Greater Greater Washington issued a call for volunteers to shovel out sidewalks and bus stops across the region. While dozens of people fanned out across the District, Maryland and Virginia yesterday, a smaller band of Good Samaritans descended on Downtown Silver Spring to give pedestrians an easier time.

All of the photos were taken by Hans Riemer, Kathy Jentz and Tina Slater. To see more, check out this photo album.

People walk in the street along Sligo Avenue, where the sidewalks are buried under several feet of snow.

Tina Slater of Sligo Park Hills and Kathy Jentz of East Silver Spring survey a buried bus stop at Fenton and Bonifant streets.

Hans Riemer of East Silver Spring clears a bus stop at Fenton Street and Thayer Avenue.

A woman waits for a bus at the newly cleared stop.


WashingtonGardener said...

Great to see that the county is out there now closing off a big portion of Fenton and clearing off the walks with bobcats and dumpsters. Ice sheets are now exposed everywhere on the slick bricks - watch your step.

Tina said...

I think the bus riders really appreciated having a place to stand that wasn't in the same lane as oncoming traffic!!

What can we do with all the plowed snow when we get our next snowy blast of winter? Surely dumping it onto the sidewalks is _not_ the answer.