Monday, February 15, 2010

what's up the pike: real friends pose for your photos (updated)

Abi And Tony Pretend To Walk For Me

- Everyone's favorite regional blog that I write for sometimes, Greater Greater Washington, is celebrating its 2nd birthday TOMORROW right here in Downtown Silver Spring. Get ready for some serious transit-and-planning geekiness (in a good way!) with GGW readers and contributors. The party starts at 6:30pm on the second floor of McGinty's at Ellsworth and Fenton.

- On Wednesday, Jews United for Justice is hosting an "education forum" about the Purple Line and its potential effects on the Langley Park area. (After being unceremoniously booted out of Woodlands last weekend, I wonder what the Purple Line's effects on that restaurant will be.)

Cheryl Cort from the Coalition for Smarter Growth and Langley Park residents will be there to talk about the neighborhood today and in the future. The meeting starts at 6:45pm at the Silver Spring Library, 8901 Colesville Road. For more info and to RSVP, visit JUFJ's website.

- Kensington Arts Theatre's production of the musical Rent opens this Friday. There are not one but two graduates from my alma mater, including my old friend Mayumi Baker, who's in the ensemble. Opening night is 8pm Friday at the Kensington Town Hall, 3710 Mitchell Street; there will be eleven performances between then and March 7. For more info, check out KAT's website.

- The new Wendy's in Colesville should start construction soon. A little sign announcing "Wendy's Coming Soon" appeared at the intersection of Randolph Road and Vital Way (near New Hampshire) where a new branch of the fast-food chain was approved last January. Kinda waiting for classier eats Up The Pike, but this'll have to do for now.


WashingtonGardener said...

Wait, who was boother out of Woodlands? You or the JUJ group?

Tom A. said...

Kensington has a theater company? Thanks for the info. Admitedly I've lived there for less than a year, but I've never seen a flyer around town or any ads anywhere. And I do tend to look at local bultin boards, etc.