Monday, February 22, 2010

what's up the pike: name your own title

Unplowed Lane, Montgomery Chase, Aspen Hill
- People get snippy when others park in the spaces they've painstakingly shoveled out. Here's a list of passive-aggressive notes left on offending cars in Silver Spring and other places still waiting for the snow to melt.

- A new bakery and community space is opening up in the former Savory Cafe in Takoma Park, says the City Paper. Capital City Cheesecake, currently based out of Brookland, D.C., plans to serve cheesecake (duh), in addition to coffee, pastries and cupcakes (surprise!). While couches and wifi will be available upstairs for laptop campers, the basement will be given over to private parties and an open kitchen where customers can see the chefs at work. They're set to open on April 3, which loyal readers should remember is my birthday.

- Georgian Confidential wastes no time skewering their new building manager, this time over a mishap in the mail room. "Our problem with this whole situation is that you continue to charge upscale prices but provide the usual ghetto service we are accustomed to in the greater D.C. area, and especially in the Peoples Republic of Montgomery County," writes the author.

- Silver Spring, Singular finally visits Velatis, the new candy store at Georgia and Wayne. I haven't been there either. But there are photos of all of the awesome chocolates though none, unfortunately, of Velatis' famous fudge.

- Montgomery County planners have started a new blog, The Straight Line, talking about great examples of community design here and all over the world. Since the first post in January, they've written about roadside food trucks in Bethesda, an awesome but little-known water feature in Silver Spring, and even the recent closing of Broadway to car traffic in Manhattan. It's great to see people in the design field actually talking about good design and making it more accessible to the general public, and I can't wait to see what they'll write next.

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