Monday, March 15, 2010

what's up the pike: lose anything recently?

Lost Keys
- You'll soon see fliers with "East County's Most Wanted" posted up and down The Pike as part of the Third Police District's latest crime-prevention campaign. Hopefully, it'll continue the current trend of reduced crime across East County, where everything from burglaries to vehicle theft have fallen precipitously since this time last year.

- Maryland Politics Watch gets to the bottom of the dead-in-the-water plan to move the Wheaton Library. While it was suggested by urban planning consultants as a way to revitalize Downtown Wheaton, local residents made sure no one would even try to look at it seriously.

- Sure, your neighbor might be president of the homeowners' association, but does she moonlight as the king of a Ghanaian town? Silver Spring resident Peggielene Bartels does. How do you know when you're from Montgomery County? When your subjects in Ghana complain that you've "become a white woman."

- If you haven't gotten a chance to see local swing band Swingtopia, you've got the rest of the month to check them out. They'll be playing at the Greek Village Restaurant in Colesville at 8pm Monday nights through the rest of March. The restaurant's located at New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road; for more info, check out Swingtopia's website.

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Cyndy said...

Thans again for the link Dan! Swingtopia will now be there at Greek Village every Monday through the end of April. Hope to see some of you there!