Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what's up the pike: today's number is 287

- From the listservs: the Chelsea School, a small private institution on Pershing Drive near Downtown Silver Spring, may have shelved plans to build a library on their campus designed by starchitect Daniel Libeskind due to a lack of funding. The school's plans to build 75 condos on the land instead came up at a recent meeting of the neighboring Seven Oaks-Evanswood Citizens' Association. The school's website for the library project has a picture of Libeskind but no mention or images of the library.

Where 'U' Belong

- Remember this? Double points if you can tell me where you'll find this 2004-vintage "Silver SprUng" sign. (It's in a pretty prominent place, so don't make fun of me if it's obvious to you.)

- Good Eatin' in Wheaton finishes what I started and explores Peruvian food in Wheaton, to many the epicenter of the pollo a la brasa phenomenon. Since he can write better about food than me, I might just outsource the rest of our Great Peruvian Taste Test to him.

- Eric Luedtke - Burtonsville resident, middle-school teacher, member of the East County Citizens Advisory Board - is running for state delegate in District 14, says Maryland Politics Watch. With two seats open, the district - which includes everything from Burtonsville to Damascus - could be one of the year's most interesting races, MPW's Adam says. Check out Eric's guest blog from last fall on the need to revitalize the Burtonsville village center.

- When JUTP attempted to post flyers in local stores two summers ago, Dawn Spencer - owner of gift shop Patches in Colesville at New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road - was one of the few who offered me a patch of her window, despite not being totally clear what a "blog" was. Like many local retailers, she's losing business, but friends and customers threw a fundraiser last weekend to keep the shop open, says the WaPo's John Kelly.

(He and I had the same journalism teacher, 25 years apart; I remember being assigned to read his high school columns, which were - IMO - much funnier than anything he's produced since. Today's title is a reference to one of them, which of course makes no sense to you unless you read the Rockville High School paper in 1981.)


iLikeRocks said...

Blame this blog on K2? That man's a legend.

jen said...

According to the reflection in the glass, it looks like the poster is across the street from City Place Mall...

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Yep, the reflection is on the awnings on City Place that used to be Friday's. I'm guessing in the window of the soon-to-be-maybe Filmore. Could be at DeMarco's, but I'm betting the Filmore.