Thursday, June 3, 2010

woodside residents anticipate new skate spot

From the listservs: Woodside residents are gearing up for the construction this summer of a skate spot in Woodside Park, located at Georgia Avenue and Spring Street. In planning since last fall, the skate spot - a really small skatepark - is now scheduled to open this August, and has been written about extensively here and on Sk8ter Mom's blog.

Rendering of the soon-to-be-built skate spot in Woodside Park courtesy of Montgomery Parks.

Reader Jennifer Pasenelli lives in the neighborhood and has attended meetings on the skate spot, including one last Monday. She allowed us to post this update on the project she wrote on the Woodside Park Civic Association's listserv:
Many neighbors have been following the upgrades to the Woodside Urban Park at the corner of Georgia and Spring Street. The construction of new playground equipment is in process and should be completed in mid June. Construction on a new 3,000 square foot Skate Spot is set to begin in early June and be completed in August.

Representatives from Park & Planning say the Skate Spot is a temporary fixture that will be closely monitored and reevaluated after one year.
(For a picture of the skate spot, click here. -ed.)

There is one other funded Skate Spot construction in the works for Montgomery County . . . a 7,000 square foot space to be located in Takoma Park, scheduled for completion in late 2011.

Meanwhile Park & Planning is proceeding with a plan to totally overhaul the Woodside Urban Park in the next 5 years. They are currently seeking public input on the new park design and are on schedule to present their design alternatives in Fall 2010.
"I think the skate spot is desperately needed," writes Pasenelli in an e-mail to JUTP. She notes that Woodside Park's "easily accessible" location makes it ideal for a skate spot. "I see kids riding their skate boards all over the place."

The community plans to take a "proactive" role in ensuring the skate spot is a good neighbor. "Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods are planning to get together on a regular basis and keep a close eye on how the skate spot is being used," Pasenelli writes.

"You can bet Park & Planning is going to hear it loud and clear if the crowds get too big, or the park is not well maintained."

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