Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what's up the pike: don't park your cars in front of my driveway

Good morning, East County! I hope you had as enjoyable a Memorial Day as I did. (If you're my next-door neighbors, you might have enjoyed yourself a little too much. Please don't do that next year.) Anyway, here's a look at what's happening Up The Pike:

Siu's Asian Bistro (1)

- East County gets a new "fusion" restaurant as Siu's Asian Bistro, set to open early next month. It'll be the first non-chain eatery at WesTech Village Corner, the shopping center on Tech Road where a Chick-Fil-A will also open in July.

According to their website, Siu's is a "contemporary Japanese and Chinese restaurant" that'll offer "Thai cuisine with an Asian fusion flair" as well. In an area where eating out usually means IHOP, it's titillating to read that Siu's wants to host your "business lunches, family gatherings, romantic dinners, or just a fun night out." (Thanks to Whitney for the heads-up.)

- Speaking of which: I just can't get enough of Whitney Teal, pro blogger and laptop-camper. On her blog The Washington Media Project, she takes apart Gazette want ads and the use of Foursquare in East County.

And, for the good of the order:

- Richard Layman of Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space mentions Sk8ter Mom in a discussion of how to get things done in local government.

- Reemberto Rodriguez shares a poem about Silver Spring he found in his office after being appointed director of the Regional Services Center.

- Apparently, the guy who told police he was mugged, then pushed off a parking garage in Wheaton was faking it.

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hockeypunk said...

Just tried that pad thai from Siu's last week and it was mighty tasty! Big portion too, so it turned into 2 hearty meals.