Friday, July 9, 2010

what's up the pike: lost umbrella

Lost Umbrella
- The Passive Aggressive Notes blog discovers the mobile, defamatory billboard in Takoma Park we wrote about last year.

- You know you're from Wheaton when you have a Facebook group devoted to nostalgia for when Wheaton Plaza didn't have a roof and "ethnic restaurant" meant Italian food.

- Speaking of nostalgia: check out these old Washington Post "Where We Live" profiles of Montgomery County neighborhoods from the 1990's: back when Burtonsville was young and innocent, when East County wanted to be "the new Potomac," and Woodmoor was still mysteriously stuck in the 1950's. Ah, memories.


- From the Gazette: Neighbors of the Electric Maid music venue in Takoma, D.C. say they're tired of concertgoers scaling their houses and say there isn't enough parking for them. (Uh, do y'all know you can see the Metro from your front doors?)

- The South Silver Spring Neighborhood Association launches a "hyperlocal Craigslist" for neighbors trying to empty their apartment closets.

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