Monday, July 11, 2011



"A suburb only for the most discriminating of marihuana smokers, located just two miles from the Silver Spring stoplight." - Weedmoor advertising brochure, ca. 1936

The twelve-year-old in me burst out laughing when I passed this sign at Route 29 and Woodmoor Circle yesterday evening. What can I say? I enjoy puns.

Nonetheless, it's a shame that this particular sign has been defaced. I wonder how hard it'll be to fix, or why the vandals couldn't have gone after a less attractive (though less punny) sign, this one for the ill-defined "South Manor Neighborhood" off New Hampshire Avenue in the District.


Gary said...

Now I'm thinking about what happens before the St. Bernadette's moms pick up their kids in the afternoon.

hockeypunk said...

lolxorz. I'll have to try and spot this on the commute home. However, the old Harry Butt (Putt) auditorium sign at Northwood still takes the cake...even though it's far too easy