Tuesday, November 22, 2011

urban land institute confuses downtown DC and downtown silver spring

Kids On Ellsworth Drive

I always enjoy when photos I post on Flickr pop up in random places, even though I don't always get credit for them. But I was especially impressed to find a photo I took of Ellsworth Drive in, of all places, a report on ways to fix the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in the District:

The report, produced by experts from the Urban Land Institute, talks about finding other uses for the library, which is the only work by Modernist architect Mies van der Rohe in the District. It's supposed to make a case for downtown D.C. as a great location for offices or other activities. And to make that point, there's a photo of kids hanging out on Ellsworth Drive.

I'm guessing someone confused it with Gallery Place, also reviled by the hipster/yuppie masses for being a high-school hangout? But I listed the photo under "east montgomery county" and "downtown silver spring," so presumably you'd only find it if you searched those terms.

Oh well. (See? Teenagers are good for business!)

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Richard Layman said...

on either the examiner or the washington business journal website, I think the examiner, they used a photo of Walter Reed in DC to illustrate a story on traffic problems as a result of the consolidation of facilities in Bethesda. I was gonna write about it but I didn't.