Monday, September 10, 2012

what's up the pike: four on the floor

Sarbanes Transit Center Under Construction, May 2012
The Transit Center looks almost done . . . or is it?
Is your calendar looking empty? Are you seeking more planning-related activities in your life? These four upcoming events might be right up your alley:

TONIGHT: After years of delays, the Silver Spring Transit Center may or may not be finished soon. The county's even two months behind in announcing when it'll be done. That may change tonight when David Dise, director of the county's Department of General Services, speaks at this month's Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board meeting. Get your questions answered at 7pm in the Civic Building.

TOMORROW: The County Council holds a public hearing on a proposed bill that would make it easier to build "accessory apartments" or "granny flats" in single-family homes. I've written before that accessory apartments could be a boon for MoCo, giving homeowners a new source of income, helping to house folks just starting out, and even responding to new housing trends. The hearing's at 7:30pm at the Council Office Building, located at 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville. If you'd like to add your two cents, call 240/777-7803 to sign up or check out this page for more information.

NEXT WEEK: The County Council holds another public hearing to collect feedback on the Burtonsville Crossroads Neighborhood Plan, the latest attempt by county planners to revitalize Burtonsville's village center. There are plenty of things to like about the plan, though there's a brewing controversy about one part of it that we'll talk about more tomorrow. This public hearing's at 7:30pm next Thursday, September 20. To sign up to speak, call the number listed above.

NEXT MONTH: It's safe to assume that if you read this blog, you're at least a little interested in planning issues. Do you want to learn more? Then come out to Planning Smarter, an open house hosted by the Montgomery County Planning Department. You'll get to tour the Fortress of Planning, see the "latest cool projects" (their words, not mine) county planners are working on, and even meet a real-life planner! While you're plumbing the depths of local government, the kids can build a city of their own using cardboard boxes. (No word yet on whether the Box City will be subject to the county's zoning update.)

That open house will be from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, October 6 at the aforementioned Fortress of Planning, located at 8787 Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring.

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