Tuesday, December 11, 2012

rockville pike, not the one in columbia (redux)

View From 14th Floor Balcony, Gallery at White Flint
In White Flint, strip malls are giving way to high-rises.
Three years ago, I joked about moving to Rockville Pike. I haven't moved yet, nor do I plan to. But starting this month, I am writing about it as a part-time contributor to the Friends of White Flint blog, started by the community group of the same name.

Over the past few years, White Flint has begun to transform from a strip-mall corridor into a new downtown, earning it and the county national attention. While the goal is to remake White Flint as an urban hub like downtown Silver Spring, it'll take a long time to recreate the walkable, transit-friendly environment that Silver Spring already had as a legacy of being built over a century ago. 

I'm looking forward to following the evolution of White Flint and getting to know the people, neighborhoods and culture of another part of Montgomery County. Not only that, but the job will help support me nine months into my search for a full-time position. Special thanks go to friend of JUTP/White Flint community activist/Montgomery's first Chief Innovation Officer Dan Hoffman, who reached out to me about working with FoWF.

Blogging on JUTP will continue as usual, though I apologize if I accidentally swap "White Oak" for "White Flint." And if your company or organization is looking for someone with a design and planning background who can communicate complex design and planning ideas to the public, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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