Thursday, January 1, 2015

looking back, looking forward to 2015

Happy new year! With 2015 safely in the door, it’s time to look forward and look ahead. In past years, I've done a MoCo version of the Post's In and Out List, but this year it seemed like there were plenty of Ins, but no Outs. So let's take a look back in non-list form.

Denizens Brewing Company
Hanging out at Denizens Brewing Company, which opened this summer. Photo by the author.

2014 was an exciting year for East County, though not always in a good way. We marched in protest of the achievement gap, rode our bikes on Montgomery County’s first cycletrack, and tried to figure out where Silver Spring’s boundaries were.

We spent the summer throwing back Southside Ryes at Denizens Brewing Company’s biergarten and hanging out on the roof of Olivia’s View. As winter came, we celebrated the opening of Bump ’N Grind and wondered if Silver Spring was finally “hip.”

This year’s elections were a nail-biter, with close races for county council, board of education, and governor. Jill Ortman-Fouse beat back the teachers’ union to win a seat on the school board in a year when they didn’t seem to get anything right. And Governor-elect Larry Hogan won over disenchanted rural Marylanders with his indifference to Montgomery County and common sense in general.

Meanwhile, as economic and racial inequality made headlines nationwide, we saw the disparities firsthand in our neighborhoods and our schools. And this spring, we lost one of our great community leaders, Richard Jaeggi.

Some things haven’t changed. The Silver Spring Transit Center still isn’t open. And the Purple Line, which was all but a done deal two months ago, remains a dream. If anything, we’ve got stuff to talk about in the new year. And for a blog, that’s always welcome.

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