Tuesday, January 1, 2013

in and out for MoCo: 2013 edition

Even More Like A Big City, 2012

Happy new year, East County! After a brief hiatus, JUTP is back with The List, our annual year-in-review for MoCo. And what a momentous year it was! In 2012, we saw the near-death and resurrection of two East County landmarks, Fenton Street Market and Piratz Tavern. We drove, walked and biked on the InterCounty Connector and talked about how we'll get around in the future.

We made awesome videos, started new businesses, opened a new medical museum, and were recognized for being a tolerant community and a pretty cool one too.

As the national debate raged over everything from taxes to gun control, we had our own local arguments about marriage equality, the DREAM Act, and whether new apartment residents would barbeque on their patios. And just to get it all over with, we voted early and got on with our lives.

Of course, we can't go without mentioning our inspiration, the Washington Post's In and Out List, going strong since 1987. Nor is this even the only one for Montgomery County this year - check out Patch's recap as well.

As always, thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, emailing and calling me out. Just Up The Pike wouldn't be possible without your support! I look forward to seeing what 2013 will bring and sharing it with you as well.

And now, The List:



Capitol Bikeshare Bike at Union Station
Giant Tricycle Outside El Golfo
Piratz Tavern
Piratz Tavern
Wondering when the Purple Line is going to be built
Wondering when BRT is going to be built
National Labor College
Georgetown University, Hillandale Campus
"America's 17th coolest city"
"America's 5th most Jewish city"
County bureaucracy
Fenton Street Market and local businesses
Doug Duncan
Everybody else
Blairs parking lot
Blairs Park
New AFI Marquee
Flower Theatre Lit Up, December 28 2012
Silver Theatre
Flower Theatre
North Bethesda
White Flint
"City vs. suburbs"
PacSun at Wheaton Plaza
H&M on Ellsworth
Apartment buildings with sushi girls
Apartment buildings that tweet in the first person
Fencing off your neighborhood
Connecting your neighborhood with sidewalks
The Point at Silver Spring
"The Building Formerly Known as Georgian Towers"
Five Guys
Roy Rogers
McMansion, Meadowsweet Lane, Sandy Spring
Microlofts and accessory apartments
South Silver Spring
Ripley District
Curfews and scapegoating
Equality and opportunity for all
"Save Burtonsville"
"Save Norwood"
Whole Foods
Dawson's Market
Lousy pocket parks
Better street trees
Chelsea Court
Boulevard at Newell
Petty bickering
Getting together and getting along

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