Friday, December 21, 2012

merry christmas/taking submissions for "in and out" 2013 edition

Looking SE (Georgia at Ripley)
It's not going to be a white Christmas, but it's always nice to hope.

The chances are high that you're not even reading blogs right now but, rather, out shopping, or traveling to see family and friends, or perhaps in your panic room patiently waiting for the end of the world. I am too (the first two things, not the third thing), so let's agree to reconvene here next week after the presents are unwrapped and/or the world is over. As always, you can find JUTP updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Until then, start thinking of contributions for In and Out for MoCo, Just Up The Pike's year in review/homage to the Washington Post's annual In/Out List. Basically, you name a thing that went "out" in 2012 and another thing that will be "in" in 2013.

JUTP did our last list in 2009, and I thought it was time to bring it back. (Unsure if I will bring back the once-yearly tradition of posting "It's Christmas Eve in Washington".)

You can leave your suggestions in the comments or email them to justupthepike at gmail dot com. Merry Christmas!

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