Monday, January 5, 2009

in and out for moco: 2k9 edition

Inspired by the Post's What's In and Out for 2009, our own list: "In and Out for MoCo: 2k9 Edition," this year done up like all nice we were a legitimate publication. In fact, putting it together took so long that our friends at Rockville Central already beat us to the punch, sort of. Click on the image for a bigger version.

Also check out JUTP's "In and Out for MoCo" 2008 and 2007 editions. Your own submissions are rabidly encouraged.


Sam Goering said...

I want to read what Obama's arrival and effect on East County in the next few years may be..

Thomas Hardman said...

I predict that for no comprehensible reason, the new President will spend lots of time in Burtonsville at the "Dutch Country Market". Why? Because it's the only place this side of the Chesapeake where he can find the kind and selection of meats and deli stuff that he loved in Chicago. Where else around here is he going to find anything like a Kielbasa? Or scrapple?

And furthermore, the price is right.