Wednesday, January 2, 2008

in and out for moco: 2008 edition

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE: A look at the Blogging Collective's accomplishments in 2007; Silver Spring-bred jazz artist moving to National Harbor.

Inspired by the Post's What's In and Out for 2008, our own list at Just Up The Pike: "In and Out for MoCo: 2008 Edition." (Also check out JUTP's "In and Out for MoCo: 2007 Edition".) Your own submissions are rabidly encouraged.

Happy New Year!

The BirchmereThe Fillmore, Barring Any Change of Heart From Ike Leggett
Knee-jerk opposition to development
Gracefully selling out to the highest bidder
"Briggs Chaney" emoBurtonsville hardcore
Debating the Purple Line for twenty years
Debating the Purple Line for twenty more
The Death Star
The Corpse Fortress
"Town Centers"
"Meeting places" and "Village centers"
Playing mallrat at Wheaton PlazaBeing neighborly on Bonifant Street

so much more AFTER THE JUMP . . .

Speed bumps and humpsSpeed cameras
The Downcounty"SoMoCo"
"Downtown Silver Spring"
"The Promenade"
$ilver BlingThe 'Sprang
Hippies in Takoma Park
Marketers in Takoma Park
$400,000 condos$400-a-month rooms in group houses
Looking down on P.G.Looking up at HoCo

Church-in-a-barnBedding Barn
ChipotlePupuseria trucks
Cold, hard concrete
Soft, squishy turf (for now)
Redeveloping a historic all-girls' schoolRedeveloping a historic Catholic school
Dim Sum at Oriental EastInjera at Addis Ababa

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Anonymous said...

As a former resident of the Briggs Chaney area, I could relate to the frustrations that so many of the posters expressed about the decline of the area. Don't confuse truth with "emo".