Tuesday, February 27, 2007


For various reasons both legitimate and illegitimate, Just Up The Pike will be taking a brief break. It's a busy, busy week in College Park, and fussing over what few quotes I could glean from my interview with Marilyn Praisner (which was cut short; even Ike Leggett, who only had me down for a half-hour, kept talking with me for a half-hour more) will not help my situation.

But unlike some of my fellow MoCo bloggers, you can trust that this hiatus won't last more than forty-eight hours, or even less if the compulsion to blog gets a hold of me. So I'll see you soon, and take care in the meantime.



Anonymous said...


What happened to:

"Our chat with the County Council President (and Calverton resident) gets off to a rocky start: read the full review on TUESDAY.

I'll see you then!"

Are you sure Praisner didn't blow you off?

Dan Reed said...

No, Marilyn Praisner spoke to me, but I have a lot of things to do before Thursday that take priority this week. Don't worry! Praisner's time will come.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, eh?