Friday, March 2, 2007

which citizens involved?

"I wanted to take our reputation back," - Eileen York, Citizens Involved
There's a new East County citizens group, and while their name isn't very original, Citizens Involved wants to bring East County residents together. The Gazette mentions TWICE in the article that attempts to create an "East County umbrella group" in 2001 failed, emphasizing the importance of such an organization, but Citizens Involved isn't filling the need, either. Founder Eileen York invites "residents of Sandy Spring, Spencerville, Cloverly and the surrounding areas" to attend a meeting this Wednesday at Paint Branch. What about Fairland? White Oak? Briggs Chaney? The quote above is referring to crime, but I doubt there's so much crime in Sandy Spring.

I live in Calverton, so I'm not invited. (I could go to a Calverton Civic Association meeting if I wanted, though.) An umbrella organization would bring the 100,000+ people who live in East County together. Citizens Involved sounds dangerously like another civic group - something Cloverly needs, but by no means a solution to fixing East County's reputation.

FINALLY: A haiku for the impatient reader.

Midnight, books piled high
Hands shake, Pepsi cans on floor
Miss Praisner can wait.

I'll see you next week.

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