Friday, April 20, 2007

the '50's are back in silver spring

BUT FIRST: Washington Adventist Hospital might be moving to Cherry Hill Road. What does this mean for East County?

From the Silver Spring Scene via Silver Spring Forward's website:

Hopefully, we'll get to see this become a reality in just two years. Can you imagine the nostalgia trip Colesville Road will become - the AFI Silver's 1938 marquee on one side, the blaring 50's neon of the Birchmere on the other? This will clearly become the most exciting (if not the brightest) city block in the metropolitan area.

I wonder if the three vertical bars on the right could be hooked up to the sound system inside and set up to work like an equalizer display, lights moving up and down the bars with the music playing in the club. That would be sick.


Sligo said...

That EQ idea kicks ass.

Anonymous said...

That photo is the tackiest BS Eye Soaring proposal ever to be recommended for the redevelopment of Silver Spring.

Demolish the Damn lead poision infested building and build a modern new Modern 21st Century Theater with Upscale Shopping on the side and Office buildings built on top.

And anybody that disagrees is really displaying their true hatred towards Silver Spring if not the Entire state of Maryland.

If the intent is to have people from VA and DC to make ugly stereotypes about Silver Spring then its heading in the right direction with the Extremely Poor Taste of Development/Redevlopment.

Anonymous said...

Thirds on the EQ idea. That woudl be hot!