Wednesday, May 23, 2007

here's what's coming up the pike . . .

BUT FIRST: "I’m opposed to pulling businesses out of the District or Prince George’s County" - Marc Elrich wants to keep NPR out of Silver Spring to save the District: check out the Silver Spring Scene.

The blog's been quiet, but here's what I've been working on at Just Up The Pike and what you can expect to learn more about during the next week:

- What's Jerry Weast have to say about "mandatory busing" in Hampshire Greens? Turns out he's not opposed: find out TOMORROW.

- $300,000 houses in Bethesda? Councilman Roger Berliner says they're already here - and they're our only hope for affordable housing in MoCo! Check out the last installment of our "County Government Head-to-Head Tour" on FRIDAY.

- The new Rockville Town Square opens this weekend! How will it compare with Downtown Silver Spring? You'll hear all about it on MONDAY.

- State Delegate Karen Montgomery wants to stop an office development in Colesville - and the neighbors are Senator Rona Kramer's shopping center! Is there a connection? Not what you'd think: we're going to find out TUESDAY.

Come back soon and check it out - you won't find these stories anywhere else!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to check out some of the new Rockville Town Center this weekend at their Home for the Holidays concerts! (Or, ha, tomorrow on break from jury duty.) Hadn't thought of comparing it to SSpring's revitalization, hmmm. I'll look for your impression!

Anonymous said...

Not to jump the gun on Friday, but $300,000 houses? Heck, you can't touch a single family house in Bethesda for under $600,000.

Sligo said...

You can get 28 Acres in Poolesville for 300 grand.

Anonymous said...

I think $300,000 can buy me a nice spread in Damascus.