Friday, June 1, 2007

goodbye, golden arches

In just four weeks, East County will see a whole new dimension of dining. No, Clyde's isn't coming: a new McDonald's, part of a nationwide roll-out of a new prototype restaurant, is opening in Colesville at New Hampshire and East Randolph. The million-dollar reconstruction aims to give the four-decade-old eatery a "forever young" feel, with the familiar Golden Arches giving way to what's called a "swish eyebrow," which is being lifted into place in the picture above. The best part: they're hiring! Hit up the store's own website for details.

Also happening in East County:

WE BET ROGER BERLINER IS PISSED: Yes, the McMansion-fighting County Councilman would be chagrined to hear that Maryland has the second-highest percentage of "Starter Castles" (homes with four bedrooms or more) in the nation. Only Utah, with its high number of large Mormon families, could manage to beat us. We're left wondering: is the bedroom boom related to another boom in the bedroom statewide? [Thanks to HoCo Hayduke for the heads-up.]

"You may have slower speeds, but you could pick up more people along the way." - Michael D. Madden, Purple Line project manager
LANGLEY PARK, NEXT FOUR STOPS: Downcounty neighborhoods like Woodside and Clifton Park may eventually have Purple Line stops to call their own as the State continues to tweak plans for the proposed transitway, adding potential stops and dropping unpopular alignments. And naysayers like one Meir Wolf - who got the town of Chevy Chase to fund a $250,000 study opposing the Purple Line - are being quieted as the Maryland Transit Administration realizes how many people might just use the line when completed.

This Post graphic (above) shows the currently proposed route, which splits in Bethesda, East Silver Spring and College Park where there are disagreements, but is largely set through most of Prince George's County. Is it because people don't know enough about the Purple Line to be upset? And is that a bad thing?


WashingtonGardener said...

After having to do the trek from downtown SS to Univ of MD campus yesterday morning, I am SOOO looking forward to the completion of the IPL.

Sligo said...

How long before someone drives through it?

Anonymous said...

The real estate people are now saying that those big McMansions are going to be passe soon. For a few reasons: demographics show the size of families has been shrinking, inflated housing costs, more expensive financing, greater energy expenditures and the failure of incomes to keep pace with inflation. The housing market is starting to favor smaller, more compact, more afordable homes now.

BTW, That is one of my favorite McDonalds in Silver Spring - used to be the hangout for Springbrook HS,when I went there.

Merujo said...

My hometown in Illinois is the location of the original Dairy Queen and also sported one of the Midwest's first Mickey D's. Until just a couple of years ago, that spot still had the original McDonald's signage, which was incredibly cool in a vintage Americana way. Last time I went home, the Dairy Queen was gone and the McDonalds had a modern look. Guess that look ain't so modern anymore.

On a totally different note - nice to see you in the Post today. Congrats on the nice mention!

Unknown said...

The study of additional Purple Line stations is good news. It reflects the fact that along much of the alignment people are demanding consideration of a stop closer to their neighborhood. Also, it is important for people along the corridor to benefit by being within walking distance of a stop. While 22 or 23 stops may be too many and consideration of some may be dropped before the EIS is completed, an average of one a mile will still allow for good travel speed assuming the system is rarely operating in mixed traffic.

David said...

I sent the reporter your way Webb, but I guess he didn't bite. I think more stops can work as long as the overall alignment is reasonably straight, quick, and removed from traffic. Hopefully these new stops will divide the opposition and make the project benefit more people (even though the usage of some of these stops may be a little weak).

Anonymous said...

Please encourage your readers to email in support of:

1- more purple line stops
2- finding a way to connect east county mass transit/Metro (preferably via Randolph Rd and White Oak) to the ICC.

Sligo said...

This is the greatest McDonald's ever.

Anonymous said...

Who were the ad wizards who came up with that design? A swoosh eyebrow?

Anonymous said...

Build the Corridor Cities Transitway first. "TAKE CARS OFF THE ROAD".

This current Purple Liine Concept has not been thought through completely. If you want to build a line that circles DC (like the image on the Sierra Club web site) you need to be able to go west from Bethesda. This small-time lightweight contraption will dead end at Bethesda and New Carrollton

Webb Smedley I guess this train won't be close enough to your house to sue WMATA like you did in the past. (train noise, imagine, hypocrite)

This will be a great victory for the Chevy Chase Land Company and their minions Ben Ro$$ & ACT. How much are they paying you guys anyway. Ross you are the biggest phony of all time.