Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hip hyattsville: arts district slideshow

WHAT'S UP THE PIKE: 100 displaced in early-morning fire at Calverton condominium complex.

Part TWO of a series on Hyattsville, the "Silver SprUng" of Prince George's County. For more on Hyattsville, you'll definitely also want to check out the Silver Spring Scene's "Sister to the East" report.

Take a look at this Flickr slideshow of Arts District Hyattsville, one of a slew of new developments near Route 1 in Prince George's County that could give Downtown Silver Spring a run for its money many years from now. Silver Spring's favorite photog, Chip Py, has taken a few shots of the Arts District, such as the one you see here. (I took the rest, though, and I don't have the same camera magic, but I think you'll get the idea.)

Tomorrow, we'll check out the model houses at the Arts District. Should you start packing your bags and putting your one-bedroom apartment on Craigslist? We'll find out.


A Good Husband said...

Hey Dan,

Good stuff. Keep it up. I'd be interested to know how Hyattsville differentiates itself as an arts district. It didn't see any artist incentives or anything on their website.

The builder, EYA, just had some things about creating "livable" communities. No further definitions.

Anonymous said...

Great blog - i check it almost everyday. Thanks for keeping us informed. By the way - thats my house with the dumpster in front of it on your mainpage! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't really look at it as competition for DTSS, more like the neighbors tidying up their yards too. Wouldn't it be great to have a ring of pleasant, safe, and still comparatively affordable areas inside the Beltway from Silver Spring to New Carollton, or better yet, Oxon Hill?

Waterlily said...

I loved Hyattsville. I grew up in the area. I recall the movie theater, Frozen Custard Polar Bear ice cream, Howard Johnson's,the Funeral home, and the dime store just after we came off the overpass. Seeing the towns deteriorating had a really bad effect on me. It still does. Anyone old enough to recall these places in Hyattsville ?